What we do and how? 

Waste is not only a burden but also a man made menance. Management of waste at source can come as a bigger relieve to the crumbling landfills and littered roadside. If communities/ societies/ townships are willing to take care of their waste by indulging in waste segregation, a larger chunk of the problem is solved. Around 65-80% of daily waste from household is organic waste which can be turned into a nutritive compost in the premise itself. 


We initiated community composting in society which has 114 households and this section will be bombarded all about how to compost large quantities of kitchen waste. 

community composting.jpg

Getting Started

 Getting community members on board for setting up composting unit in the premise and support from waste collectors in the society  

Set up

Setting up your community composter and collection of segregated waste from households  

Daily Routine

Daily layering of dry and wet waste in the composting unit

Harvest awaits

 Once full, start with another bin and wait for 5-8 weeks to harvest compost