All About Composting


You are conscious about the environment but wondering where to start. You have read about number of eco friendly activities for reducing your carbon footprint but still finding it difficult to adopt. With the broad choices, composting is an activity which can be easily in your home. This blog intends to make composting process hassle free for you with stating out the process, do's and don'ts and lot of fun facts about composting. 

'If I compost alone, it wouldn't be much for Earth. But, if we all start composting, Mother Earth will replenish from its heart' #maatimangemore  

Why Should we compost? What to do with the Kitchen Waste?

Check out the video if your are not composting your kitchen waste or confused whether to start composting or not! It briefly explains the impacts of your composting initiative!

DIY Composting at Home

This video gives you the complete process of composting at home using earthen pot or plastic bin! All  you need is kitchen waste, garden waste and a  bin. Start the compost!!! :)